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Dwyer Instruments Limited

Fluidic are UK suppliers of Dwyer Instruments, a manufacturer based in Michigan City, Indiana.

Dwyer’s most well known product is probably the Magnehelic differential pressure gauge,  a clean room staple for more than 50 years used to monitor room pressurisation and HEPA filter condition.  Fluidic stock a variety of Magnehelic gauges, most commonly the 2000-60Pa range for monitoring clean room pressure.  Fluidic also offer a range of accessories and fittings from stock and we are well served to calibrate, zone and assemble the Magnehelic into instrument panel assemblies.

Dwyer’s range of instrumentation most notably serves the HVAC market, with a variety of low cost instrumentation for pressure, airflow and portable test equipment (such as air flow hoods and ballometers).  Their restriction is not within this market though, through our partnership with Dwyer, Fluidic have successfully supplied instruments for use in water and wastewater, BEMS/BMS control, Oil and Gas and Nuclear industries.

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