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Micronics are a UK manufacturer of ultrasonic clamp on flowmeters.  From the factory in High Wycombe, Micronics are well positioned as a responsive instrumentation manufacturer.  Fluidic hold a UK distribution partnership, including exclusivity in Scotland.

Ultrasonic clamp on flowmeters allow non-invasive measurement of flow and can be fitted without disrupting the process at all.  Through Micronics, Fluidic offer 2x clamp on technologies: time of flight for clean, un-aerated flows and doppler for “dirtier” flow lines.

Micronics offer permanently installed technologies, including instruments with built in heat meter facility for energy monitoring systems.  Typical installs include schools, hospitals, universities, shopping centres etc, where boiler plant may feed separate areas and heat meters can be used to apportion energy usage.

Micronics also offer a range of portable equipment, including the PF330 with in-built datalogger which can be used for a temporary sample monitoring.  Fluidic hold the PF330 in our hire fleet, please contact us for costs and availability.