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Instrument Enclosures

Fluidic offer a range of instrument enclosures.  Predominantly utilising the Dwyer Magnehelic differential pressure gauge, although we have also assembled a number of transmitter and switch gauge enclosures.  A common application is within cleanroom monitoring where multiple room pressures can be viewed from a single cabinet.

As part of the Hanwell EMS system, we have also supplied several RL8000 panels.  The RL8000 allows up to 8x 4-20mA signals to operate within the wireless network.  Our RL8000 panels, manufactured in collaboration with a local builder, supply the 24v required for each 4-20mA instrument loop and power.  We have also incorporated knife edge calibration terminals for ease of commissioning and on going maintenance.



Product Video:  One of Fluidic’s engineers assembling a bespoke Magnehelic instrument panel




Product Demonstration: Clean Room Pressure Monitoring System



See the product gallery left for some examples of instrument enclosures that we have built.  For any instrument application please give either office a call (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).


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