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Monoflange from Stewart Buchanan

A monoflange is specifically designed to reduce leak paths in your pressure transmitter or pressure gauge install.  A monoflange is essentially an isolation manifold with a threaded instrument connection and a flanged process connection.  Another advantage is significant weight and component cost savings when compared to traditional isolation and adaptor installs.

A monoflange can be configured as either single block and bleed, or double block and bleed; with a plugged vent port for the bleed. The double block and bleed is also available with the Stewarts OS&Y needle valve in the primary isolation position.  Used in installations in accordance with ASME/ANSI standards, Stewart Buchanan monoflanges feature all metal sealing in the valve seat with metal to metal, bonnet to manifold interface seal.

Fluidic offer a full range of materials including exotic metals, flange types and ratings as well as offering a choice of outlet types.  This includes threaded, flanged, integral SWIVEMAS® connection or chemical seal (specifically the Monoseal for use and sold with Stewarts pressure gauges such as the 600 series).


Stewart Buchanan Monoflange Model Types:

  • Stewarts 6033 – Block and Bleed Monoseal With Vent Plug
  • Stewarts CCDBBM – Close Coupled Double Block and Bleed Monoflange
  • Stewarts DBBM – Double Block and Bleed Monoflange With Vent Plug
  • Stewarts Mono – Block and Bleed Monoflange With Vent Plug
  • Stewarts OSYM – Double Block and Bleed OS&Y Monoflange With Vent Plug


Photos and datasheets attached provide more details on the differences of the above models.  Also speak to Fluidic to provide the full pressure instrument assembly, including pressure testing where appropriate.


Fluidic are an authorised distributor of Stewart Buchanan.  We have a team of engineers able to help with your entire instrument application, including manifolds and pressure transmitters etc.  Our engineers are product trained and familiar with a variety of different installations.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).




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