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Schmidt SS20.200 Flow Switch

Schmidt SS20.200 flow switch instrumentation offers a thermal flow sensor technology to monitor the flow of air and gases. Thermal flow technology has no moving parts and can operate in very low air velocity applications which cannot be accurately measured by traditional pitot tube etc technologies.  The Schmidt SS20.200 Thermal airflow switch includes a unique, patented ‘dumbbell’ sensor head which is direction-independent and dirt resistant.


Schmidt SS20.200 Air and Gas Flow Switch

  • Unique sensor head resistant to dirt and air flow direction
  • Suitable for low velocity applications (full ranges within 0…1nm/s)
  • User adjustable setpoint (within range of device) via on board potentiometer
  • Local LED indication of switch position
  • Optional protective coating for aggressive gas media


Along with the thermal flow switch itself, Fluidic offer a full range of mounting and cable options from Schmidt to work with the SS20.200 flow switch.


Fluidic are a recognised partner of Schmidt Technologies for the United Kingdom.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and are able to help with instrument selection within the full thermal air flow instrumentation line from Schmidt.   Please call either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920,  Warrington 01925 572401).


  • Download Schmidt SS20.200 Datasheet
  • Download Schmidt SS20.200 Operating Manual
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