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Swivel Adapters

Swivel adapters are used for pressure gauges and pressure indicating transmitters to ensure that the threaded instrument seals with the display orientated suitably for the user to read.  Stewarts unique SWIVADAPT® joints have been developed for the close coupling of our full range of valves, pressure gauges and accessories.  Available in two versions, Mark-1 and Mark-2; the Mark-2 incorporates a secondary “backup” seal which further contributes to reducing potential fugitive emissions while providing additional safety should the primary sealing joint be compromised. Furthermore, whilst considering the installation and actual connection of peripheral equipment, both models give the added advantage of allowing orientation through a full 360°.
The floating drive nut on the Instrument/Adapter socket gives the designer and installer the ability to position at any angle before transmitting the torque an axial drive force through the collar and thus creating the metal-metal seal in the cone faces. Although the primary intent of the SWIVADAPT® coupling system is for the free orientation of instruments, the Stewarts SWIVADAPT® connectors can be used in other instances, such as, for the connecting of differential instruments and in the making of high integrity threaded pipe joints into peripheral equipment where the reduced bore is acceptable.


Stewarts Swivel Adapters:

  • Crevice free, pressure tight, metal to metal seal without the use of tape; allowing instruments to be locked in any 360° orientation.
  • Collar; transmits axial compression in the cone face. (Fixed collar on MK2 only)
  • Secondary O-ring seal with anti-extrusion ring (Mk 2 only).
  • Pressure joint can be made, broken and then remade with full seal integrity retained.
  • Reduces the number of joints (potential leak paths) thereby helping to meet environmental concerns by preventing and / or lowering fugitive emissions.
  • Suitable for high pressure/temperature applications.
  • Max Working Pressure – 700bar (10,000psi).
  • Hydrostatically tested to 1.5 x MWP in accordance with EN 12266.
  • Trace code on body with material certificates for wetted parts available .
  • Available in a variety of stainless steel and exotic materials; e.g. 316/316L, MONEL®, HASTELLOY®, INCONEL®.
  • Can be supplied to NACE MR-01-75/ISO 15156 latest edition.
  • Weep hole to give warning of incorrect mating/loss of seal in cone faces whilst maintaining mechanical integrity.
  • Infinite valve/gauge/accessory combinations to give significant weight and space savings


Through our association with Stewarts, Fluidic also offer block and bleed isolation manifolds.  Consider the L2 manifold with integral swivel adapter which reduces the number of potential leak paths.  See photo graph above left.


Fluidic are an authorised distributor of Stewart Buchanan.  We have a team of engineers able to help with your entire instrument application, including manifolds and pressure transmitters etc.  Our engineers are product trained and familiar with a variety of different installations.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).


  • Download SWIVADAPT MKI Datasheet
  • Download SWIVADAPT MKI and MKII Overview
  • Download L2 Swivemas with integral swivel adapter datasheet
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