MCERTS Flowmeters

The Kurz K-BAR 2000B Multipoint Insertion Flowmeter is an effective, accurate and reliable multipoint flowmeter for many applications. Particularly suited to combustion control and stack emissions monitoring applications.   The K-BAR 2000B, in conjunction with the ADAM series 155 mass flow computer, forms a flow monitoring system which meets the performance standards for Continuous Monitoring […]

AQE Exhibition 2015

Fluidic are pleased to hold a stand at the upcoming AQE – Air Quality and Emissions – exhibition on April 22nd and 23rd 2015.  This year we will be exhibiting our range of thermal mass flowmeters from Kurz, more details above taken from a recent magazine article.  Our Howard Feather and David Cairney will be […]

Thermal Flowmeters

Thermal mass flowmeters can offer a reliable, responsive and accurate method of air and gas flow measurement over wide operating range.  They create negligible pressure drop and have no moving parts prone to failure and wear.  Additionally, due to the principles involved, thermal mass flowmeters are self compensating for pressure and temperature.   The basic […]

Wet Gas Flowmeter

Fluidic represent Kurz Instruments, suppliers of high accuracy thermal mass flow meters. Kurz have developed a wet gas flowmeter for accurately measuring mass flow in biogas, condensing gas and wet-stack environments.   In condensing gas environments such as landfill or digester gas measurement, moisture can cause problems with thermal mass flowmeters. Water droplets forming on the […]

Combustion Efficiency

As instrumentation partners for Kurz flowmeters, Fluidic are well equipped to help with combustion efficiency improvements.  A popular application in coal power plants looks at air intake measurement.  Flow should be closely monitored, not only on the primary (furnace) intake air line, but on both (hot/cold) pulveriser intakes and secondary furnace intakes.  For environmental CO2 […]