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Latest Response to COVID-19 outbreak

March 24, 2020
Stay at Home

Fluidic are in full support of the most recent announcement made by the Prime Minister on the evening of 23/3/20.  Our sales and accounts teams are all working from home and remain fully contactable via the usual office and email numbers.  In support of essential industries (including power generation, hospitals, pharmaceutical, food production etc) only the very minimal staff required to complete essential orders and deliveries will attend our workplaces.  This includes calibration, service and dispatch.  Any team member attending the workplace (which is 2 maximum each site) will maintain the government specified distancing and will only be there as and when absolutely necessary.


In response to the delays that initially came through following the epidemic, we recently reviewed and increased our stock levels to support ongoing demand.  Particularly in the case of products like the Dwyer Magnehelic and Micatrone MF-PFA both of these instruments are used in isolation pressurisation monitoring and were included in our recent stock boost.  We have already seen orders for isolation booth monitoring this week.  Wherever possible we are keen to play whatever small part we can in helping the essential services continue.  (Our instrument supply to essential industry is far from limited to these instruments, merely an example that are currently in stock).


For any sales enquiries (for any application), or an accounts enquiry please contact our team working from home via the normal email and telephone numbers.  Forthcoming months are going to be tough on everyone.  We all must work together to maintain a strong economy for the times ahead.  You can be sure that everyone at Fluidic will play our part.


Most importantly, we wish all of our customers and partners a safe and healthy time throughout this ordeal.