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Dwyer V8 Flow Switch

Dwyer V8 flow switch is a vane operated flow switch.  It is a low cost, simple design for use with air flow and liquid flow applications.  Materials are generally plastic (Polyphenylene Sulfide, PPS) with 316SS/Inconel spring and pin arrangement and Ceramic 8 magnet.  Dwyer V8 flow switch is a low cost, economic design suitable for many HVAC applications.  The vane is field trimmable, these units are suitable for stocking and can be adapted to suit application on site.  Options are limited to enclosure material (or without) and gold plated contacts.  Gold plated contacts are appropriate for dry circuits.  This is where the switching current is so small that it cannot deal with any slight of oxidation of the switch contact.


Dwyer V8 Flow Switch specifications

  • PPS Plastic and 316SS wetted parts (inconel optional)
  • Aluminium (-WP2) and Phenylpolioxide plastic (-WP) enclosure options
  • Without enclosure, supplied with 460mm long 18AWG tails
  • SPDT Changeover contact, 5A @ 125/250 VAC, 5A resistive, 3A inductive @ 30 VDC
  • Gold plated switch contact option (-MV) 1A @ 125 VAC, 1A resistive, 0.5A inductive @ 30 VDC
  • 1″NPT Male Process connection
  • Suitable for Air and Liquid flow switch applications (see actuation rates on datasheet)
  • Suitable for applications up to 100C and 150psig
  • Lightweight unit, approx 150g (exc. enclosure)
  • Field trimmable vane to suit many flow / no-flow applications


The Dwyer V8 Flow Switch is designed for horizontal flow applications.  It can be used in vertical lines with an upwards flowrate but not downwards flow (as the vane itself will naturally drop).


Fluidic are a recognised partner of Dwyer Instruments for Scotland and the North of England.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and are able to help with instrument selection within the full Dwyer Instrument supply scope.   Please call either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920,  Warrington 01925 572401).



  • Download Dwyer V8 Flow Switch Datasheet
  • Download Dwyer V8 Flow Switch Manual
  • Download Dwyer V8 Flow Switch Dimensional Drawing
  • Download Dwyer V8-WP2 Flow Switch (Aluminium enclosure) Dimensional Drawing
  • Download Dwyer V8 Flow Swicth CE Declaration of Conformity
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