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Hanwell Synergy

Hanwell Synergy has been discontinued and replaced with Hanwell EMS SoftwarePlease speak to Fluidic regarding your application (or for details of upgrade where appropriate).


Hanwell Synergy is the user interface that pulls together information from all Hanwell RL1000, RL4000, RL5000, RL8000 and (older) RL2000 radio transmitters.   It replaces RadioLog as Hanwell’s flagship data acquisition system. Hanwell Synergy can be installed over multiple geographical sites as a cloud based platform, or without external access on a completely LAN only based system. Synergy employs a user-friendly graphical interface.  Data can be viewed in graphical or tabular format.  Sensors can be viewed by name or via a plant view schematic.


Hanwell Synergy software allows multiple user levels and privileges.  Further to this a version is available offering compliance for FDA CFR21 pt11 validation.


At start up the user is met with a top level pictorial overview of site and alarm status.  Sensors are viewed by site, zone or in groups.  Synergy offers a flexible software architecture to achieve the functionality that suits your site.


Hanwell Synergy Software Features


  • Browser based technology with SQL database
  • Top level pictorial overview of site activity and alarms on start up
  • Easy access to historical data
  • Software can be validated into an FDA CFR21 pt 11 compliant system
  • Instruments can be added with no interruption to logging
  • User access management and control via simple permissions process
  • Manage multiple sites globally
  • Easy navigation to alarms, reporting tools and administration areas
  • Supports Hanwell current and future hardware
  • Option to design additional bespoke reports
  • Installation of software on central server removes need to install or update multiple PC’s
  • Allows flexible grouping of sensors to customise views even across multiple sites
  • Variety of alarm features available including email and SMS notifications
  • Full history of recorded data available for analysis by users at all times
  • Export data files to CSV formats
  • Automated reporting directly to PDF format at user defined timescales
  • Interactive graphical and tabular data


Synergy Software Access Rights


Synergy Software Customise Sensor Groups

Fluidic are a recognised partner of Hanwell (Industrial division) for Scotland and the North of England. Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full Hanwell wireless system. Please call either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920, Warrington 01925 572401).


  • Download Hanwell Synergy Datasheet
  • Download Hanwell Synergy Installation Manual (IM5207)
  • Download Hanwell Synergy User Manual (IM5208)
  • Download Hanwell Synergy Management Tool Manual (IM5210-2)
  • Download Hanwell Synergy Remote Management Tool Manual (IM5242-2)
  • Download Hanwell Synergy Pre-Requisites (GD5209)
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