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Honeywell APT2000 Conductivity Transmitter

The Honeywell APT2000 Conductivity Transmitter is a two-wire Conductivity Transmitter, available for contacting or toroidal conductivity cells.  Continuously measures conductivity, chemical concentration and salinity in industrial processes within the chemical, food and dairy, pulp and paper, refinery, and metals industries.


The Honeywell APT2000 Conductivity transmitter has 4…20mA output as standard, with optional HART bi-directional communications allowing remote monitoring/control of the process.


The APT2000 is highly reliable. Constant monitoring of the conductivity sensor and transmitter electronics allows the APT2000 to immediately detect and display any error. Diagnostics are shown on the LCD screen in form of a pictograph or error code. An LED flashes on the front of the transmitter to alert operators and a 22mA signal is sent to the control room to indicate an error.


Available as wall, pipe or panel mount, the APT2000 has an IP65 water and corrosion resistant enclosure. A large LCD display with easy to read and understand pictograph images mean the Honeywell APT2000 is extremely user friendly. The APT2000 transmitter can also be remote controlled via HART communications from handheld device or the control room, adding additional visibility and control to the process.


Honeywell APT2000 Conductivity Transmitter features…

  • 4…20mA/HART communications
  • Available for contacting or toroidal conductivity cells
  • Accuracy 1% of measured value ± 0.02 mS/cm
  • Step change response time less than 5 secs
  • Automatic temperature compensation using pt1000 RTD
  • IP65 corrosion and water resistant
  • Constant monitoring and diagnostics
  • Large LCD screen with pictograph feedback


Fluidic hold an exclusive channel partner agreement with Honeywell Field Products division.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full Honeywell Field Product instrumentation portfolio.   Fluidic order directly with the factory via an exclusive channel partner web portal and hold stock for some common lines.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).


  • Download Honeywell APT2000 Toroidal Conductivity Transmitter Datasheet
  • Download Honeywell APT2000 Contacting Conductivity Transmitter datasheet
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