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Kurz K-BAR 2000B Multipoint Insertion Flowmeter

The Kurz K-BAR 2000B Multipoint Insertion Flowmeter is an effective, accurate and reliable multipoint flowmeter for many applications. Particularly suited to combustion control and emissions monitoring applications.

The Kurz K-BAR 2000B is ideal for large stacks and ducts where non-uniform velocity profiles may cause inaccurate readings in single point flowmeters. The K-BAR 2000B has multiple measuring points along its length, giving an average velocity across the duct or stack. This multiple sensor design also allows for velocity-temperature mapping over a wide range of velocities and temperatures when used in conjunction with the ADAM series 155 Mass Flow Computer or similar intelligent DCS.


Constant temperature technology gives the K-BAR 2000B a very quick response time to temperature and velocity changes, as well as high accuracy, repeatability and reliability-See our article on thermal mass flowmeters here.


The Kurz K-BAR 2000B is easy to install and has low maintenance requirements. 316 stainless steel sensor support as standard with Hastelloy C-22 optional, the K-BAR is suitable for velocities up to 12000scfm and is capable of operating in conditions up to 500C and 10Barg.

The K-BAR 2000B has continuous self-monitoring electronics which maintain the integrity of the sensors and measurements.


Available with two optically-isolated 4…20mA outputs, two solid state relays/alarms, two digital inputs and HART communications, the K-BAR 2000B is a very versatile multipoint flowmeter. Configurable in the field or by remote access. USB or RS-485 Modbus data access.  Access the latest HART DTMS, Tera Term, KZComm software and more at


Kurz K-BAR 2000B Multipoint Insertion Flowmeter benefits…

  • Velocity reading up to 12000SCFM
  • Operating temperatures up to 500C (with HHT version)
  • Accurate, reliable mass flow measurement
  • Multipoint gives average velocity across large ducts and stacks
  • 4…20mA/HART communication
  • solid state relay/alarm functions
  • digital inputs for purge and zero-mid-span drift check
  • easy to install and low maintenance due to self-monitoring


Fluidic are a recognised partner of KURZ for the United Kingdom.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and are able to help with instrument selection within the full KURZ instrumentation supply scope.  We commonly supply into the UK Nuclear industry and are signatories to the NDA supply chain charter.  Please call either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920,  Warrington 01925 572401).



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