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Ceramic Manufacture

April 29, 2014
Vaisala HMT330 Series RH&T Transmitters

Fluidic’s partner, Vaisala, have helped Koramic Pottelberg – a Belgian ceramic tile manufacturer with their drying process.  At the start of manufacture, ceramic tiles must be kept at a high humidity level and dried slowly to prevent cracking and reduced product quality.  With traditional RH&T (Relative Humidity and Temperature) instrumentation, moisture saturation around the sensor will cause issues and reduced response.  In the case of Koramic Pottelberg this meant incorrect operation of driers, and reduced efficiency of process.

With the Vaisala HMT337 relative humidity and temperature transmitter supplied with heated sensor, the customer was able to closely monitor high humidites without affecting response time nor instrument accuracy.  A second temperature probe included with the instrument compensates for any temperature affect caused by the heater.  In turn the customer was able to significantly improve product quality and manufacture efficiency.


Download  Ceramic manufacture, drier application note in full.