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Wet Gas Flowmeter

June 13, 2014
Kurz 454FTBWGF in line

Fluidic represent Kurz Instruments, suppliers of high accuracy thermal mass flow meters. Kurz have developed a wet gas flowmeter for accurately measuring mass flow in biogas, condensing gas and wet-stack environments.


In condensing gas environments such as landfill or digester gas measurement, moisture can cause problems with thermal mass flowmeters. Water droplets forming on the sensors heated element result in an increase in energy to the element.  This causes the meter to report much higher flowrates than are actually occurring. Large water droplets can cause significant flow spikes for up to 30 minutes.


To overcome this problem, Kurz have developed the 454FTB-WGF, wet gas flowmeter. Kurz have adapted their successful 454FTB design by heating the heated sensor to 300°C above the ambient temperature sensor. As the water droplets impact the heated sensor they immediately vaporize and create a layer, caused by the Leidenfrost effect, which diverts the remaining water around the sensor leaving it unaffected by the moisture in the gas.


The Kurz 454FTB-WGF allows for reliable and accurate mass flow measurement in wet gas applications.