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Impulse Lines

March 11, 2014
Honeywell STD800 SMARTLINE DP transmitter

One of the difficult problems pressure transmitters face is the clogging of impulse lines – the piping or tubing used to connect the transmitter to the process. Typical blockages include solid depositions, wax depositions, hydrate formation, sand plugging, gelling, frozen process liquid plugs and air or foam pockets. This type of plugging can lead to erroneous measurement values disrupting process control and resulting in off spec product or even unsafe plant conditions.
Honeywell SmartLine ST800 Pressure Transmitters, including models STA800, STD800, STG800, & STF800 with HART or Foundation Fieldbus communications are now available with an advance diagnostic algorithm for detecting plugged impulse lines. This option provides local indication of plugging when a display is specified and remote signaling when HART or Foundation Fieldbus communications are employed.

For help with model selection please contact your local Fluidic sales office.  For more details of the Honeywell ST800 Pressure Transmitters, click the appropriate link below.

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