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Combustion Efficiency

February 12, 2014
Kurz 454FTB thermal mass flowmeter sensor head

As instrumentation partners for Kurz flowmeters, Fluidic are well equipped to help with combustion efficiency improvements.  A popular application in coal power plants looks at air intake measurement.  Flow should be closely monitored, not only on the primary (furnace) intake air line, but on both (hot/cold) pulveriser intakes and secondary furnace intakes.  For environmental CO2 and NOx measurement this should also carry forward to pre and post baghouse filtration, ensuring a complete picture of the plant air monitoring is considered.

Traditional DP measurements restrict air intake.  This is exactly the opposite to what the ‘perfect combustion’ process aims to achieve.  Using Kurz thermal flowmeters, negligible pressure drop occurs.  Additionally, thermal technology has reduced uncertainty over a wide operating range and the Kurz industrial design offers a sensor purging option, where a compressed airline can be blown across the sensor in-situ.  Where instrument removal is required, the simple nature of the Kurz insertion flowmeter allows easy withdrawal and portable equipment can be quickly inserted for calibration comparison and line traverse investigation.


Along with flowrate, air temperature and moisture (humidity) measurement is another factor which should be considered in any combustion application.  Temperature is closely associated with density, a huge factor on combustion performance – as an example a 1°C reduction in air temperature can increase output by up to 0.5%.

Vaisala specialise in RH&T (and Td) instrumentation, a manufacturer that Fluidic hold a long established UK partnership with.  Vaisala’s HMT360 transmitter series are ATEX certified and probably most suitable for many coal and gas power applications in particular.  (Kurz inline flowmeters, including their multipoint system, also offer ATEX approved options).


The following application notes may be of interest. Please call either office to discuss your application in more detail (Glasgow 0141 641 5920, Warrington 01925 572401).


Moisture measurement in combustion applications

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