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Calibration of Instrumentation

Calibration of your process instrumentation ensures reliability and accuracy year after year.  Fluidic are an ISO9001 certified company with dedicated service engineers able to help with the ongoing maintenance of your instrument assets. We provide also provide testing and repair services. Fluidic calibrate many types and brands of measuring devices.

This work requires specialist equipment.  Our laboratory hosts high end, highly accurate reference instrumentation. Our experienced engineers can also come to your site where desirable.

Fluidic offer calibration, testing and repair in the following areas:

Pressure Calibration : Including pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, electronic pressure sensors and pressure switches.

  • Gauge pressure or differential pressure (dP) Instruments: Typically, a 4-6 point service across range depending on major intervals of the instrument under test (IUT).
  • Barometers: 5 points @ 700/800/900/1000/1100hPa. Note that we can offer different points if required.
  • Pressure Transmitters: We can perform a 4-20mA check and adjustment, and configure the transmitter according to your pressure range.
  • Pressure Switches: Switch configured to trip against a calibrated reference. We can set against any set-point within range (rising or falling pressure).

Temperature Calibration : Including temperature probes (RTDs and thermocouples), transmitter assemblies, transmitter pucks and temperature switches.

  • Probe calibration: Minimum 2 point at zero and span. Carried out in our temperature bath against a UKAS reference. We can add more points – please, speak to our sales team for a quotation.
  • Full-loop calibration: Temperature transmitter assembly including transmitter set up and configuration. Full-loop calibration at zero/centre/span in our temperature bath and UKAS calibrated reference probe.
  • Temperature Transmitters: We can perform 4-20mA loop checks and trims, and configure the transmitter according to your required 4-20mA range.
  • Temperature Switches: Switch configured to trip against a calibrated reference. We can set against any set-point within range (rising or falling temperature).

Relative Humidity Calibration (RH):

  • Humidity probes: Calibrated inside our high accuracy “Hydrogen” calibrator with UKAS reference probe. Includes 1 ambient temperature point check. This can be repeated at multiple humidity temperature points, please ask our sales team for a quotation.
  • Humidity Transmitters: We can include a 4-20mA check in addition to the probe calibration.

Standard RH&T calibration would be 5 point RH at ambient temperature.  We also offer a low cost 3 point service (High/Middle/Low) for some low cost portable equipment (specifically Vaisala HM40).

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Calibration : Calibrated against NIST reference CO2 canisters.

  • CO2 probes: Minimum 2 point service (zero and span). Our reference gases include 0% (99.999% Nitrogen), 2%, 3%, 5%, 10%, 20% and, for building monitoring / HVAC systems 2000ppm, 3000ppm, 5000ppm, 7000ppm, 10,000ppm (1% CO2).

We also offer a 3 point service(or more) if requested, including adjustment of the Vaisala probe range.

Transmitter and Signal Calibration : Common products include signal isolators, paperless recorders, loop controllers, digital indicators, etc.

Our calibration services are fully traceable to National Standards. We use UKAS accredited laboratory measurement equipment, which gives a traceability route right back to the national laboratory. This is commonly referred to as traceable calibration.  In addition, we partner with EN17025 labs and can quote for UKAS (or equivalent) calibrations where necessary.

Our calibration service includes functional testing and adjustment (where possible and necessary), along with certification.



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