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ControlEdge PCD

Part of the ControlEdge™ family of controllers, the ControlEdge PCD comes with enhanced cybersecurity and high-level language programming and is compatible with its native PCD3 I/O family. Its operating system, which includes all application and communication programs, is signed and encrypted, preventing any unauthorized access to the process control system.

ControlEdge PCD is programmed as per the IEC 61131-3 industrial standard for application development and supports all languages outlined therein. ControlEdge PCD’s scalable design, compact form factor, fast execution time, pre-defined functions, certification, superior price to performance ratio, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity makes it a universal controller for a range of small to medium applications.

ControlEdge PCD is a new generation PLC with modular IO and multiple communication interfaces. It provides a high degree of resilience with CPU redundancy, robustness, reliability and proven design, with more than 30 years of field usage. With its stable cassette construction combined with integrated communication interfaces and numerous expansion options, it is highly versatile. The CPU’s generous memory resources allow you to record, monitor, archive and manage data and statuses largely without PC systems. Additionally, it supports an Integrated Web Server for monitoring and control, and an Engineering Tool with a graphical Web Editor for visualization.

The unit has easy and seamless system integration of up to 14 communication interfaces. Users have full freedom to combine various protocols via Ethernet and serial ports – such as OPC-UA, Web/IT protocols (E-Mail, SMS, HTTPs, MQTT), Modbus, and Profinet. Users can also integrate custom specific protocols by the application program.


• Modular and expandable design with multiple IO types and communication module options
• Good price to performance ratio
• SL3+ highest level as per ANSI ISA 62443 product cyber-security standards for industrial automation systems
• 20-30% reduced engineering effort of separate HMI display creation, with an integrated web server and editor feature which helps quick HTML page creation for web displays

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