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Dwyer AAFS Air Flow Switch

Dwyer AAFS Air Flow Switch is an field adjustable, paddle vane switch, capable of detecting a wide range of velocities. Dwyer AAFS Air Flow Paddle Switch is suitable for use in ducts 8″ or over using full, stainless steel vane provided. This vane is trimmable for smaller ducts.


Dwyer AAFS Air Flow Switch can be adjusted using internal adjustment screw to switch from 1….9.2m/s (or 200…1800fpm).

The low velocity switching point makes it suitable for flow/no flow indication in some HVAC applications.


Durable ABS enclosure with IP65 rating. Dwyer AAFS Air Flow Switch has a high current rated SPDT switch (15A), that can be set Normally Open or Normally Closed to suit your application.


Fitted with a mounting flange, the Dwyer AAFS Air Flow Switch is suitable for uses in environments with 10…90% Humidity (non condensing), and temperature range -40…+85°C.


Dwyer AAFS Air Flow Switch Features and Benefits…

  • Suitable for velocities 1…9.2m/s
  • Trimmable, stainless steel vane
  • SPDT switch rated 15A
  • IP65 ABS enclosure
  • -40….+85°C temperature range (ambient, -10C lowest in process)
  • Internal adjustment screw
  • Screw terminal electrical connection with M18x1.5 cable gland


Fluidic are a recognised partner of Dwyer Instruments for Scotland and the North of England.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and are able to help with instrument selection within the full Dwyer Instrument supply scope.   Please call either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920,  Warrington 01925 572401).


  • Download Dwyer AAFS Air Flow Switch Datasheet
  • Download Dwyer AAFS Air Flow Switch Manual
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