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Instrument Panel Assemblies

Fluidic have many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of instrument assemblies.  These usually involve pressure or differential pressure instruments, plumbed through an isolation and calibration manifold, fitted to a backplate.

Our most common applications for these come from the Nuclear industry.  Our Micatrone MF-PFA assembly is the standard for UK nuclear ventilation applications.  Along with the transmitter, the stainless steel back plate incorporates a 5-valve manfold from Stewarts Group.  The assembly is commonly used to measure duct pressure or depression, fan and filter dP and features square root summing for airflow measurement when used in combination with an averaging flow sensor (see the Micatrone MFS-SS self averaging pitot tubes).  Our service technicians and engineers have been through formal training courses on tube bending and compression fitting.  We have in house processes for panel builds and are also experienced in FAT (factory acceptance tests) including functionality and pressure test procedures.

Other available options include pressure and differential pressure gauges, switches and transmitters, commonly fitted with a similar instrument manifold. Magnehelic gauges are regularly found on HEPA filter condition monitoring, where a burst filter can be diagnosed with a low (almost zero) pressure drop and a dirty filter by a high pressure drop and inefficient system.


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