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Dwyer Liquid Filled Manometers

Dwyer Liquid Filled Manometers come in a range of styles and designs to meet various applications. They can be used to measure positive, negative and differential pressures. They can also be used in conjunction with pitot tubes to give air velocity (when properly scaled).

They are available as inclined, inclined-vertical and vertical (well-type) styles. Constructed of shatterproof plastic, Dwyer liquid filled manometers have no moving parts and nothing to wear out, so can be used in service for a long period of time with no need for calibration.

Dwyer liquid filled manometers are a low-cost solution for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. Commonly used in filter monitoring and spray booths. Liquid filled manometers are suitable for most low range air and gas pressure measurement where a simple, cost-effective means of viewing process pressure is required.


 Dwyer Liquid Filled Manometer Styles:

  • Inclined manometer
  • Inclined-Vertical Manometer
  • Vertical (Well-type) Manometer


Inclined Manometer:

Available in various styles, designed for different accuracy requirements. Can be used to measure between 0.1 and 6″wc.


Series 250-AF:

Designed for air filter applications, are accurate to ± 1% of full scale. Solid Acrylic Plastic Gauge with mirror polished scale. Glass spirit level built into the body to assist with alignment when mounting. Safety traps incorporated into the body to allow for over-pressure without liquid spill.

Suitable for use in temperatures -28….+65°C.


Durablock Series 200:

Solid Plastic Stationary gauges are suitable for up to 100psig with accuracy up to ±1% of full scale.


Mark II Model 40 Moulded Plastic Manometer:

Low cost inclined manometer for stationary or portable applications. Accuracy up to ±3% full scale. Offered as an OEM special, the Mark II manometer can be offered with your company name and logo in OEM quantities.


Inclined-Vertical Manometer:

Inclined-vertical liquid filled manometers are designed to measure a broader range than inclined manometers, with the vertical section typically accounting for 90% of full scale. the inclined section has several times more minor divisions providing greater resolution at the crucial point of measurement.

Inclined -vertical moanometers are available with accuracies up to ±0.25%. Measuring range from 0….. 10″wc


Vertical Manometer:

Flex-tube, Well-type vertical manometers can be supplied for panel for wall mounting. They are available to measure from 0….36″wc.


Fluidic are a recognised partner of Dwyer Instruments for Scotland and the North of England.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and are able to help with instrument selection within the full Dwyer Instrument supply scope.  Fluidic have supplied the Magnehelic® DP gauge for more than twenty years. We offer multiple “Magnehelic Solution” services and can supply with calibration certification where desired.   Please call either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920,  Warrington 01925 572401).



  • Download Dwyer Mark II plastic Moulded Manometer datasheet
  • Download Dwyer series 200 & 300 solid plastic manometer
  • Download Dwyer 1230/1235 well type manometer datasheet
  • Download Dwyer 250-AF Inclined manometer datasheet
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