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Magnehelic Solutions

Fluidic are a recognised partner of Dwyer Instruments and we have supplied the Magnehelic® DP gauge for more than twenty years. We offer multiple “Magnehelic Solution” services and can supply with calibration certification where desired.

As authorised Dwyer agents, Fluidic stock the popular ‘Magnehelic’ differential pressure gauge. We offer a number of extras for this product, including double-scale measurement, square root scaling for airflow, calibration checking, green/red zoning, enclosure mounting and accessories:

Green/Red overlay zoning: Red and green zones offer improved visibility of the pressure range. This is a simple-to-understand monitoring/warning system for any application.

  • Green/red (go/no-go) zoning. Option of amber if required.

Gauge scaling: Fluidic offer custom ranges and pressure units for the Magnehelics according to the client’s needs. Our services cover re-scale to another unit, double-scale gauges, square root scale for airflow measurement, among others.

Magnehelic Calibration: Our laboratory hosts high end, highly accurate reference instrumentation to perform dP Calibration. Our experienced engineers can also come to your site where desirable.

  • Gauge pressure or differential pressure (dP) Instruments: Typically, a 4-6 point service across range depending on major intervals of the instrument under test (IUT).

Our calibration service includes functional testing and adjustment (where possible and necessary), along with certification. For more information about our calibration services please click on the link here.

Magnehelic Enclosures: Our ‘Magbo’ Enclosure mounts offer the Magnehelic gauge in stainless steel or polycarbonate instrument enclosures, supplied with professionally finished traffolyte tagging.  DP terminations can be back, bottom or top-mounted to suit. Doors can be hinged as required.

Fluidic can customize the number of gauges per enclosure according to the client’s needs. For more information about our enclosures please click here.

Magnehelic Panels: Our instrumentation panels also offer the Magnehelic DP gauge mounted to a 5 valve, stainless steel backplate.  This is ideal for calibration and maintenance checking, which can be carried out without having to physically remove the Magnehelic gauge from service.

Accessories: Along with all the options already mentioned, we supply all the accessories for the installation and monitoring of the Magnehelic.

  • Silicone tubing, fittings, and pressure tips.
  • Pipe mounting kits, surface mount plates, and brackets.
  • Stainless Steel cleanroom sensors (polished St. St.)

Please contact us if you would need these or other accessories for the Gauges.




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