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Nixon Flowmeter display and totaliser

The Nixon Flowmeter display and totaliser can be head, field or panel mounted to Nixon’s range of flowmeters. Commonly used in conjunction with Nixon NT series Turbine Flowmeters, the display and totaliser can accept an electronic pulse input and convert this signal to numerical data, shown on a large LCD, dual display.

The Nixon Flowmeter display and totaliser has a range of functions, from simple flowrate indication, to batching, ratio metering and controlling applications (PI(D) controller).


As standard, the Nixon Flowmeter display and totaliser comes with 4…20mA output, but can be supplied with high/low alarm outputs, transistor outputs and can even be supplied as a mass flow computer with temperature and pressure compensation.

Other communication options are 2-wire RS232 Modbus protocol and 2 & 4-wire RS485 Modbus protocol.


Standard housing is IP67 die-cast, powder coated aluminium field enclosure. Options include aluminium IP65 panel mount and IP65 ABS wall mount housing. The Nixon Flowmeter display and totaliser has ATEX approval and an EExia version & EExd explosion proof model are also available.

The Nixon Flowmeter display and totaliser is powered by a long-life lithium battery & 8-28VDC as standard. 12-24V AC/DC & 80-240V AC and DC are available as well as a loop powered 4…20mA version.


F-series with basic functionality display, totalise and relay outputs can be supplied as a low cost option if required.



Nixon Flowmeter display and totaliser features and benefits….

  • 100 series display/totaliser/relay/4…20mA/pulse/Modbus/Controller options
  • F-series basic, lower cost model available
  • Range of power options, all with back up Lithium battery as standard
  • Range of hazardous area ATEX options, including EExd and EExia (CENELEC approved)
  • RS232 & RS485 Modbus protocol communications
  • LCD dual display
  • Flow rate and ratio controller PI(D) options
  • Programmable high/low alarms


Fluidic are authorised distributors of Nixon Flowmeters.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full Nixon Flowmeters range.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).


  • Download Nixon Flowmeter dispay and totaliser F-series datasheet
  • Download Nixon Flowmeter display and totaliser 100 series datasheet
  • Download Nixon Flowmeter Display and Totaliser F-Series manual
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