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Schmidt SS 30.30X Airflow Sensor

The Schmidt SS 30.30X airflow sensor is ideally suited to dry air or gas flow measurement in line sizes from DN15….DN50.  Utilising thermal mass air flow technology, this inline flow sensor automatically compensates for changes in pressure.  A common install would measure compressed airline flowrate, monitoring the efficiency (leak testing) so as not to over work power hungry compressor systems.


This product has been replaced with the Schmidt IL30.XXX Inline Airflow Sensor as of late 2019.  Please contact Fluidic with any questions.


The design of the Schmidt SS 30.30X causes negligible pressure drop and offers a very large rangeability of reading – it holds a stable, accurate reading at both high and low extremes of its measuring range.  Although we do not recommend fitting immediately after an obstacle (such as a regulating valve), straight line considerations are generally taken care of by the nature of design itself.  Installation is generally via way of a coupling onto the BSP thread.


Schmidt SS 30.30X Airflow Sensor: Sizing

  • Model: SS 30.300 for line size DN15 (1/2″BSPT connection) measuring range 0.25 …. 76.3 Nm3/hr
  • Model: SS 30.301 for line size DN25 (1″ BSPT connection) measuring range 0.8 …. 229 Nm3/hr
  • Model: SS 30.302 for line size DN35 (1.5″ BSPT connection) measuring range 1.5 …. 417 Nm3/hr
  • Model: SS 30.303 for line size DN50 (2″ BSPT connection) measuring range 3.0 …. 712 Nm3/hr

* Flowrates normalised for 20°C and 1013.25hPa


Schmidt SS 30.30X Airflow Sensor Specifications

  • IP65, LED Display configurable with onboard buttons
  • 2x switching (PNP/NPN) switch/pulse outputs
  • Analogue (4/20mA) output
  • Suitable for <16barg, 0-60°C, <90%RH
  • Wetted parts, 304SS, ceramics, passivated glass, PEEK, polyester, viton, anodized aluminium
  • 19…30VDC supply, Power consumption <100mA (without output load)
  • Uncertainty within ±(3% measured value + 0.3% of full range), repeatability ±1.5% measured value


Power/signal connection to the instrument is M12 circular connector.  Fluidic can supply a circular connector cable assembly to suit in 5m and 10m lengths.


Fluidic are a recognised partner of Schmidt Technologies for the United Kingdom.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and are able to help with instrument selection within the full thermal air flow instrumentation line from Schmidt.   Please call either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920,  Warrington 01925 572401).



  • Download Schmidt SS 30.30X Series Datasheet
  • Download Schmidt SS 30.30X Series Manual
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