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Stewarts Differential Pressure Gauges

Differential Pressure Gauges are often used for filter conditioning monitoring.  A high differential pressure indicating clogging/dirt build up and a zero differential pressure indicating a burst.  Other similar applications include measurement across a pump, where a zero differential could indicate that the pump is not working.  This is only a couple of common applications.

Stewarts differential pressure gauges are build to a high standard and suitable for industrial applications.  Materials are commonly stainless steel, with exotic materials available upon request.  Fluidic can also offer remote chemical seals fitted for, e.g., corrosive applications.  Measurement ranges start low (millibar) up to several hundred bar.


Some common models as follows:

  • Stewarts 4503 with SS case and bourdon tube element.  Surface, direct and flush mountings available
    • working range down to 300mbar.  Max static to 600bar.
  • Stewarts 4901 with SS case and single diaphragm element. Surface, direct and flush mountings available
    • Working range down to 100mbar DP.  Max static 25bar
  • Stewarts 4906 with SS case and opposed diaphragm elements.  Surface and yoke mountings available.
    • Working range down to 100mbar DP.  Max static 220bar.


Other models include subsea gauges and duplex gauges for measurement of two individual pressures.  The above mentioned gauges are available with a range of NPT and BSP process connections.  Accuracy class typically 2%.  Application typically suitable for -20…+60C.  All units are manufactured as Safety Pattern specification and other regulatory standards including PED 2014/68/EU.

Stewarts 600 Series certificate options:

  • Certificate of conformity
  • Group calibration certificate (no readings on cert)
  • Individual calibration certificate (including readings on cert)
  • BS EN 10204 3.1 material certification (including NACE where appropriate)

For low pressure or air (“Pascal” type measurement, commonly used in clean room and air filter monitoring) we recommend the Dwyer Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge


Fluidic are recognised partners of Stewarts Group within the UK, particularly within the UK nuclear sector.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and are able to help with instrument selection .  Fluidic have been supplying pressure gauges for more than twenty years. Please call either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920,  Warrington 01925 572401).



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