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Vaisala Indigo80 Handheld Indicator

Vaisala Indigo80 Handheld Indicator

Introducing the Vaisala Indigo80 Handheld Indicator – the latest innovation in the Indigo family of transmitters and probes. The Indigo80 is a compact and portable diagnostic tool, ideal for field sampling, data analysis, and diagnostics. With its advanced technology, the Indigo80 allows for measurements of multiple parameters, including

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Dew point
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Hydrogen peroxide vapor
  • Moisture in oil

Designed for reliable field sampling and calibration, the new Indigo80 makes maintaining sensor accuracy easier than ever. This latest addition to the Indigo family provides advanced portable measurement accuracy and measurement standards you can trust.

  • Dual-probe, high-accuracy portable diagnostics and data logging tool. Log up to a month’s worth of measurement data.
  • Industry standard USB-C interface for data uploads and battery charging. Lithium-ion battery provides a typical operation time of 10 hours.
  • Ideal for spot-checking, process monitoring, configuring, troubleshooting, calibrating, and adjusting Vaisala Indigo-compatible probes and transmitters.
  • Robust, durable aluminum body is resistant to chemicals and dust.
  • Multilingual, menu-based user interface available in 10 languages.  View live measurement data as numbers or graphs.
  • Intuitive user interface that guides the user if needed. Designed to be easy to use.

Vaisala Indigo80 Handheld Indicator Video:

Indigo ecosystem

The Vaisala Indigo family is a customizable platform designed to improve process measurements. The Indigo family’s key feature is modularity. Choose from a wide selection of transmitters, interchangeable probes, and software for easy access to data. The core of the Indigo platform is our proven sensor technology, designed and manufactured by Vaisala.

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Fluidic are a recognised partner of Vaisala for Scotland and the North of England. Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full range of Vaisala Relative Humidity, Temperature and barometric pressure products for a number of pharmaceutical applications. Please call either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920, Warrington 01925 572401).


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