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Honeywell ControlEdge PLC

The Honeywell ControlEdge PLC improves integration with Experion, HMIs and third-party devices. This PLC dramatically reduces configuration, integration, and support costs while decreasing risk with embedded cyber security. The result is optimized operations and maintenance efficiencies that release personnel from manual processes. ControlEdge PLC is one of the first controllers supporting Honeywell’s IIoT-ready initiative.

ControlEdge PLC Users benefit from an easier configuration, efficient operations, and reduced maintenance as the PLC helps liberate plant personnel from manual processes. It is the first PLC to offer Universal I/O (part of LEAP), provides remote configuration and design change flexibility for improved project implementation and reduced cost and risk. Engineers can quickly accommodate late configuration changes remotely with a simple software configuration change.


The key features of the ControlEdge PLC include:

  • First PLC with HART enabled Universal I/O module for greater configuration flexibility
  • Certified cyber security capabilities improved
  • Native controller redundancy
  • Optionally redundant power supplies
  • I/O racks of various sizes (4, 8 and 12 IO slots options)
  • Two variants of power supplies: 58W 24VDC and 110/240VAC
  • Compatible with leading open network standards such as Modbus and OPC UA
  • Proven platform that provides an IIoT-ready system
  • Support Serial Communication Module (TwoRS232 ports, Two RS485 ports)
  • User Define Protocol support for Serial interface
  • Integration with third-party systems and devices such as motors, drivers, and compressors.
  • Connects to HMI through Modbus and OPC UA protocols
  • Powerful IEC 61131-3 programming environment
  • HART function block supporting all HART commands in PLC
  • Support Removal and Insertion under Power for CPM and I/O modules
  • Support Fail safe state configuration on output signal type


The Experion PPC (Panel PC) provides a touch user interface and consistent HMI for an operator either in the field or in the control room. Consistent interface alarms, trends, diagnostics and history results in better response and plant uptime. Experion PPC offers simple, easy to use HMI and tools enable quick startup, uniform data-exchange with controllers, effective operations and change management.

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Honeywell ControlEdge PLC are designed and developed by Honeywell is based on the proven platform of racks and power supplies. This advanced line of controllers, compliant with the IEC 61131-3 standard, offers impressive scalability for different environments and provides robust control in a wide range of applications.

Fluidic hold an exclusive channel partner agreement with Honeywell Field Products division.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full Honeywell Field Product instrumentation portfolio, including a range of modular control systems that feed into the Honeywell Experion® family.  Fluidic order directly with the Honeywell factory via an exclusive channel partner web portal and hold stock for some common lines.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).



  • Download ControlEdge PLC Brochure
  • Download ControlEdge PLC Technical Specifications
  • Download ControlEdge Remote Termination Panel RTP
  • Download ControlEdge PLC Security Planning
  • Download ControlEdge PLC Product Information Note
  • Download ControlEdge Case of Study
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