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Honeywell SLG720 Guided Wave Radar

Honeywell SLG720 ​SmartLine Level Transmitters utilise guided wave radar (GWR) technology.  Guided Wave Radar technology is well suited to narrow tank applications and still wells (or within a bypass chamber as part of a bridle application – contact Fluidic for the full assembled solution). Common applications include blending tanks, distillation columns, process tanks, separators, solid silos (inventory) and storage tanks.  GWR technology can also be used for interface measurements and in foaming applications.

Honeywell SLG720 guided wave radar can measure low conductivity liquids with a dielectric constant of 1.4 or greater. A variety of rigid and flexible probes allow measurement in silos and tanks up to 50 m (164 ft) high.

Honeywell SLG720 SmartLine Level Transmitter Specifications
  • Accuracy ±3 mm or +0.03% of measured distance (whichever is greater) with repeatability within ±1mm
  • 2 wire, loop power design with HART as standard and options for Foundation Fieldbus
  • Integral dual seal design for safety based on ANSI/NFPA 70-202 and ANSI/ISA 12.27.01
  • Dual compartment design
  • Process Temperature range: -60 to 450 degC
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Process Pressure range: -1 to 400 bar
  • Full compliance to SIL 2/3 requirements (option)
  • 3 m remote mount housing (optional)
  • Polarity insensitive electrical connections
  • Part of the SmartLine family and related features (such as advanced display and modular design)
  • Enhanced integration with Honeywell’s line of DCS systems


Honeywell SLG720 ​SmartLine Level Transmitters are used in applications where technologies such as capacitance, hydrostatic level or ultrasonic level measurements may have been used earlier. Immune to changes in conductivity, density, pressure and temperature, the level meters offer better reproducibility and accuracy than these other technologies. Since the signal travels up and down the probe, it is also unaffected by the angle of repose of a granular material.


Other models within the SmartLine® family include pressure, differential pressure and temperature transmitters.  Fluidic hold an exclusive channel partner agreement with Honeywell Field Products division.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full Honeywell Field Product instrumentation portfolio including the entire Smartline® transmitter family.  Fluidic order directly with the Honeywell factory via an exclusive channel partner web portal and hold stock for some common lines.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).


  • Download Honeywell SLG720 Datasheet
  • Download Honeywell SLG720 Brochure
  • Download Honeywell SLG720 Application Note
  • Download Honeywell SLG720 Quick Start Guide
  • Download Honeywell SLG720 User Manual
  • Download Honeywell SLG720 Safety Manual
  • Download Honeywell SLG720 HART Manual
  • Download Honeywell SLG720 EU Declaration of Conformity (inc. ATEX details)
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