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Honeywell Touchpoint Pro Controller

Honeywell Touchpoint Pro is a modular gas control system. With a wide selection of inputs/outputs available, Honeywell Touchpoint Pro offers a maximum of 16 input modules (64 channels) and 32 output modules (128 channels). Modules can be located in any Touchpoint Pro enclosure and power distribution is via the communication/power Rail. The system is flexible, accepting a variety of  analogue, digital and relay modules.

The heart of Honeywell Touchpoint Pro is the central controller, which includes the user interface. The user interface features a full colour LCD touch screen, and provides engineers with an intuitive solution to system set-up and deployment. Easily accessible icons, supported by drop-down menus ensure that even the most complex of system configurations can be commissioned with efficiency.  An inbuilt webserver interface can be accessed when Touchpoint Pro is connected to a network. Normal operations and interactions are available, for example view status and event history, and acknowledge, reset or inhibit channels. Exceptions are critical safety functions such as configuration or calibration. This offers the possibility of system monitoring and data analysis from a remote location.

Any Honeywell Touchpoint Pro can be built from just 4 main building blocks:

  • Central controller with color LCD touch screen user interface
  • Plug-in Input/Output (I/O) modules
  • Backplane power and communications highway
  • Plug-in power supplies


These basic components can be mounted in cabinets or racks (or a combination) and the I/O modules freely mixed and matched in any combination. From small-scale systems to large, fully integrated gas and shutdown systems, Touchpoint Pro has the flexibility to meet all gas control requirements. The building block approach employed by Honeywell Touchpoint Pro delivers real value by being able to adapt to each unique system requirement.


Fluidic hold a distribution agreement with Honeywell Analytics.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full Honeywell instrumentation portfolio.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).


  • Download Honeywell Touchpoint Pro Datasheet
  • Download Honeywell Touchpoint Pro Brochure
  • Download Honeywell Touchpoint Pro Operating Manual
  • Download Honeywell Touchpoint Pro Safety Manual
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