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KSR Kuebler Sight Glass Level Indicator

The KSR Kuebler Sight Glass Level Indicator is used for direct reading of liquid levels in vessels and tanks. This instrument operates in accordance with the principle of communicating vessels. Through the built-in sight glasses, the filling level of the liquid is directly visible. This device is marked with graduations to allow the level to be measured. Valve heads and process connections are mounted to the body. Drain or vent are also possible. There are different models within this range:


Reflex Glass Level Indicator (model LGG-R) is designed for applications that involve high pressure and temperature conditions. It is a flat glass gauge, in the viewing direction, incident light strikes the reflective grooves of the sight glass plate and are refracted into fluid used in this device. As a result, the filling level is visible as a darker column. A compact version with side pieces also available (model LGG-E).


Transparent Glass Level Indicator (model LGG-T) the fluid level is indicated as the result of the different transparency of the two media by a source of light located at the back of the gauge, the fill level is visible as a line or directly due to the liquid itself. The chamber is connected to vessel with cross fittings and flanged, threaded or welded ends. Glasses from borosilicate in accordance with DIN 7081 are used.


These models are supplied with different valve options. Valve heads isolate the vessel from the sight glass level indicator. For critical applications, KSR Kuebler Bypass Level Indicators can be supplied in a high pressure version (model LGG-RI).


Fluidic have a long established partner agreement with KSR Kuebler.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full KSR Kuebler level instrumentation portfolio.  This includes accompanying float switches, float transmitters and bypass level gauges.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).



  • Download KSR Kuebler Sight Glass Level Indicator Datasheet
  • Download KSR Kuebler Sight Glass Level Indicator Manual
  • DownloadKSR Kuebler Illumination unit for glass level gauges (LGI) Manual
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