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Nixon BNO Hygenic Turbine Flowmeter

The Nixon BNO Hygenic Turbine Flowmeter has been designed specifically for high accuracy flow measurement and batch control in the liquid food industries. The BNO range conforms to the same exacting standards and performance as the NT industrial flowmeters. This model meets the particular hygienic requirements of the brewing and dairy industries to ensure the absence of crevices where bacteria can lodge and breed. The materials used in the construction of this range ensure that no corrosive attack occurs when in-place cleaning agents are used.


The Nixon BNO is manufactured entirely from stainless steel, except the bearing bushes which are normally of PTFE/Carbon. There are no seals or ‘O’ rings, nor any internal screw threads. Rotors are machined from solid, and bearing supports (hangers) are stepped in order to reduce the contact area between hanger and meter internal bore. On the other hand, the principle of operation is the same as the NT series based on a permanent magnet, which is contained within a pick off coil on the body and a ferritic stainless steel rotor which revolves when flow is present. A small a.c. voltage is generated in the coil as the rotor tip passes the  magnet. The frequency of the a.c. voltage is proportional to flowrate, and the total number of pulses produced represents total flow passed through the meter.


This pulse frequency output can be displayed either on direct mount or remotely mounted Nixon Flowmeter display and totaliser to provide flowrate indication, total flow, and allow remote batch control with electromechanical relay options.

Electronic frequency to analog converters are also available on request if 4…20mA or voltage outputs are required.

Nixon BNO Hygenic Flowmeter specifications…

  • Minimum of bacteria breeding crevices
  • Simple robust design
  • Easy one circlip dismantling
  • Strong rotor design
  • Long bearing life
  • Steam cleaning permissible
  • Hot detergent Sterilizing permissible
  • Excellent repeatability for batching
  • Wide variety of end fittings available

The Nixon BNO Turbine Flowmeters offer a flexible approach to design and end fittings such as RJT and tri clamp hygienic couplings can be supplied without any penalty in cost and delivery. Special designs have been considered for unusual applications e.g. wine bag filling, where a heavy duty design was employed to cope with continuous repetition of very small batches.

Fluidic are authorised distributors of Nixon Flowmeters.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full Nixon Flowmeters range.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).


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