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Honeywell MasterLogic PLC (ML200)

Honeywell MasterLogic PLC (ML200) is a programmable logic control system (PLC) compliant to IEC 61131.  With a compact footprint and high speed 42ns/step processor, Masterlogic PLC is suited to fast, discrete sequential control applications in a cost effective design. It can operate in a standalone manner, in a peer-to-peer environment, or in a SCADA topology with Experion® HS – please contact Fluidic for more details of the full Honeywell modular control system catalogue.


Honeywell Masterlogic ML200 PLC includes a wide range of modular components (the CPU, power supplies, discrete and analog, I/O modules, network modules, and racks) which are available in a variety of modules.  Masterlogic ML200 PLC has a dedicated Ethernet-based I/O bus controller which supplements the main, powerful CPU in I/O refresh to achieve high speed scanning.  Redundancy ensures high availability and peace of mind, especially for critical applications. Available with standard functions, Honeywell Masterlogic ML200 supports creation of new or user-defined functions within the IEC 61131 language. ML200 works in a loop-based, user-defined program where it waits for input and output at predefined intervals, and can perform self-diagnostics for system errors and trouble shooting. Built on open network standards, this programmable logic controller is integrated with the established Honeywell Experion platform.


Honeywell Masterlogic PLC (ML200): Specifications

  • Compact modules as small as 27 x 98 x 90 mm
  • Over 50 types of I/O modules – digital/ analog (isolated), HSC, RTD, TC, position/ motion control
  • IEC61131-3 standard programming – LD/ SFC/ ST/ IL language option
  • Powerful and versatile processors – high speed i.e.42 nanosec/step
  • Open network protocols with field devices – Profibus™ DP, DeviceNet™, MODBUS (Ethernet & Serial)
  • 23,808 max I/O points (128,000 using network)
  • 15 milliseconds scan (e.g. 2500 I/O, 400 Kbytes of program)
  • Powerful Experion integration


Honeywell Masterlogic PLC (ML200): Typical Applications and previous install base

  • Crushers and Conveyors
  • Blast Furnace applications
  • Material Handling
  • Water Treatment
  • Dairies
  • Food Processing
  • Auxiliary applications


Fluidic hold an exclusive channel partner agreement with Honeywell Field Products division.  Our instrumentation engineers are product trained and able to help with instrument selection within the full Honeywell Field Product instrumentation portfolio, including a range of modular control systems that feed into the Honeywell Experion® family.  Fluidic order directly with the Honeywell factory via an exclusive channel partner web portal and hold stock for some common lines.  Please contact either office for more information (Glasgow 0141 641 5920 or Warrington 01925 572401).



  • Download MasterLogic ML200 CPU module datasheet
  • Download Masterlogic 2MLI-CPUU (ML200 CPU) Manual
  • Download HCIX Touchscreen specifications
  • Download Honeywell MasterLogic PLC Brochure
  • Download MasterLogic PLC overview
  • Download MasterLogic Experion Integration
  • Download MasterLogic PLC I/O Specs
  • Download MasterLogic ML200 Manual
  • Download MasterLogic ML200 Technical Specifications
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